I was a doubter, until I had to use it.

Out of 10

This was our first time using pet insurance and a making a claim for our dog. We didn't get insurance for our previous two dogs and regretted it.
When we got our current pup we did the orthopedic review in order to document that there were no pre-existing conditions. That process was simple and took very little time, our vet was happy to help with the exam as part of initial wellness screening when we brought the dog home.

Fast forward several years and the dog has torn his cruciate ligament and can't walk. We scheduled surgery with the vet to repair his knee and the vet submitted the claim form with documentation for us. Embrace processed our claim in a few days and covered the surgery as well as the required diagnostic x-rays. The claim process was updated on the website and there was no fuss.

TBH, I doubted if I needed this kind of coverage when I got it but I am very glad to have it.

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cruciate ligament tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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