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Like another reviewer I had been with this company a long time, for 11 years (they bought out Pet Care in Canada who I was originally with), even though premiums were high ($70/month and $100/month for my 4 year old and 11 year old respectively) I actually was happy with the coverage, only submitted wellness claims for the 4 year old but my older dog has had multiple mass cell tumors removed at a cost of up to $2000 per surgery and it was fairly painless to submit claims and get reimbursement and conditions were clear (regarding deductible and co-pay); however they claim that their underwriter caused them to double their premiums...I'm sorry but now I'm paying $160 and $250 a month in premiums, I didn't even catch it as it was set up with my bank to come out automatically and when I saw the $160 charge I thought it was for both policy premiums not just one! And the fact they did it so sneakily and didn't send an email or letter saying FYI this is happening.
When it comes down to the premiums being so high and then still having deductibles and co-pays, you would be better putting that money aside for when something comes up.

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Posted: 04/13/2018
By: mjpearson5179@…

As a policy holder myself I can advised that they do not increase the premiums without notifying their clients. They send Policy Renewal Documents annually which includes a page that says "Payment Summery" and includes the upcoming billing schedule and how much you're going to be charged monthly. These documents are sent out MONTHS in advance of the renewal date. They also now have a website that you can sign up for, and can view your billing and policy documents on your account.