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I have never purchased pet insurance and it took time to convince me that it was worthwhile. My dogs were 10 years old and we have never had any health issues with them. My female had three separate issues within a 6 week period in which she had seizures and was declared clinically dead. Vets thought she had cancer. On last episode, we found the culprit, a poisonous Sonoran Toad. During this 6 week period, the insurance company supported us 200% and made the extra effort to call and see how our dog was doing. It was the veterinary clinic that slowed our claim process as they took their time submitting the appropriate documents. The insurance company kept calling the veterinary clinic daily to get the needed papers to process our claim. The claim ended up being over $4000.00 and at no time was it ever debated. I am so thankful I am covered by this company. What a great experience. I still receive calls months after the incident asking how my dog is doing. You can't afford not to use this pet insurance company.

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Encounter with poisonous Sonoran Toad
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Jack Russell Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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