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I did a considerable amount of research before selecting this company to insure my dog, who was a puppy, and my cat who was close to 7 years old. I have been with them for 4 years now and I cannot imagine being a pet parent without them. Anyone who has ever had a loved companion become ill unexpectedly knows of the incredible fear about getting the best treatment and how the cost of that care will impact you. When my puppy was 2, he contracted leptospirosis after a rural hike and was at death's door. Had it not been for Healthy Paws bearing the burden of the cost for his care and hospitalization, it would've been daunting. I was amazed that they processed the claim quickly and reimbursed me 90% of the covered costs, exactly as was stated in our policy. Fast forward a few years, and my now 11 year old cat, who was always the picture of health, has developed chronic vomiting. He underwent emergency procedures involving blood tests, a transfusion and an ultra sound. Sadly, test results made it clear to me that he was gravely ill and the chances of him surviving any further procedures were so slim, it wasn't fair to put him through it. Once again, Healthy Paws came through, reimbursing me 90% of the covered costs just like before. I think what stunned me the most was the sympathy card I received, with handwritten messages from their staff! I gasped when I opened the card and saw all of the thoughtful words. Doing some simple math, I actually think that Healthy Paws has reimbursed me for more than they've received in premiums. They have been a life saver, literally and figuratively. They are my "partner" in providing the best care for my furry companions. So, THANK YOU to Lindsay, Madisyn, Justin, Sherman, Katie, Stephanie, Shae (who even said to give Dashiell, our dog, extra pets when he lost his cat), Tim and Callisan. You have treated our family as if we are part of yours, and if I could give you more stars, I would!

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