Vertigo or ear infection

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I have been with embrace for many years. Thank goodness my babies have never gotten ill until 6/20/2017 when my lilo that is only 3 yrs old. She was shivering so I held her & put her on my chest. I checked her temperature & it was fine. In a split second her body curved, her eyes started going crazy, she couldn't keep her balance & threw up. I immediately ran to a 24 hour ER. The doctor observed/evaluated her, advised me could possibly be vertigo but in order to determine that they would need to complete an MRI. LILO had to stay in the ER for about 3-4 days to be evaluated. Counting my blessing she would be ok & knowing she was being well taken care of as well as knowing she has had health insurance to help me with hefty bill. Finally released I submitted the bills along with all the information that was done to her during those 3-4 days/nights she was at the hospital. I receive 3 different emails for 3 different claims (it was only 1 claim for all the time she was there). First nights bill is not covered because apparently it was due to a chronic ear infection which they are saying it was something pre-existing she had from 2014 and not covered. The ear infection was not found until the second night of her being at the hospital. I do not think nor believe a ear infection should be something considered as Embrace is stating that it is a "a dermatologic condition". I really don't understand that concept as an ear infection can be caused at any time for any reason as like a fever and should not be classified as a "dermatologic condition". I contact Embrace and spoke with Magen Fletcher who was very rude to say the least. She explained that I now have to submit an appeal. Asked her if she can contact the ER and speak with the doctor to obtain the information to re-evaluate the information better. She stated "no that is the job of the pet owner". I didn't know I had to do their job in order to obtain any and all information to determine the exact DX for lilo. She then sent me an email stating "As we discussed on the phone, you do have the right to appeal the claims. To do so you would need a letter from your veterinarian (which can be in the form of an email) stating why you feel these claims should be covered and any supporting information. The letter would be reviewed by our underwriters and they would make the ultimate decision on whether the claims can be modified". I have four dogs under this insurance and pay a nice monthly bill to have this insurance.

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Vertigo or ear infection
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/24/2017
By: Boo

Your not the only one they have pulled this on. We are thinking about Class Action. Three Vet specialist have stated our dogs injury was from an accident and not from a pre existing condition they state our pet had. I have a question, did the insurance company advise you in writing of any exclusions and lower your premium since the policy did NOT include all you were told when you took out the original policy?