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To be very honest I would be that last person to purchase pet insurance, I always figured it was as scam or a waste of money. Then our family adopted Maddie and energetic,curious puppy who gets into everything. She came from the shelter with a month's free coverage from Hartsville Pet Insurance. I was reluctant to continue the coverage until I talked to a family member who has coverage for her cat. She convinced me to continue the coverage for Maddie 'just in case." Back in May we had a "just in case moment" with Maddie after she ate at least one, possibly two Aleve pain killers. She had to spend one full night at the emergency vet and the next few days going in to get fluids to flush out her kidneys. She is absolutely fine no residual effects at all and back to her crazy puppy self. The cost was almost $2,000 when all the vet bills were totaled. After we our $250.00 deductible was met we got re-reimbursed 90% of the total charges, close to $1,000. A Hartsville representative even followed up with a call to find out how Maddie was doing. As of today we up graded Maddie's policy from a level 2 to the Unlimited policy. Thanks to Hartsville Pet Maddie is well insured for what will no doubt be a long and adventure filled life.
Thanks So much for caring.
Mark Nunokawa

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accidentally ate medication
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