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When my husband and I decided to add our first dog to our family of 5 (We have 3 kids) we were told by almost everyone who owns an English Bulldog to be sure and get a pet insurance policy. Being a first time pet owner, I was skeptical. Fast forward a year and our bulldog had an intestinal blockage and needed life saving emergency surgery. The entire time during his multiple trips to the emergency vet for X-rays, diagnosis, and eventually surgery I was on the phone with Embrace, "Is this covered?" The representative that assisted me, Diedre, was very sensitive to my concerns and walked me through the claim process. Our dog is healthy again and Embrace reviewed and paid the claim directly to us within 2 weeks. No hassles. The only hassle we had was with the vet sending the paperwork to Embrace. For us, the pet policy paid for itself 9 times over in the first year alone. I can only imagine what is next being a pet owner, but it's the best advice I ever took to go through Embrace to insure our English Bulldog. Thank you, Embrace, for making this a seamless process and decision for us. If you're on the fence about Embrace, I recommend you get your Policy now. The entire surgery was $5,200. How's that for an unexpected surprise?

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Intestinal Blockage
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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