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We adopted Ellie as a puppy from our local Humane Society. Decided we should purchase insurance "just in case." We read reviews, decided to go with Healthy Paws, and are so pleased with our choice. Ellie developed a bone deformity in her front leg as she grew out of puppyhood. Healthy Paws paid (less deductible) for the major surgery to correct the deformity, and also the resulting need for physical therapy. Thousands of dollars have been paid on her behalf by Healthy Paws. Don't know what we would have done without the coverage. And we were contacted by Healthy Paws to see how Ellie was doing after her surgery. Imagine that in this day and age! Prompt payment of each claim has been made. We tell our friends about Healthy Paws, and are so pleased to have coverage with them. The very best to work with!

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bone deformity
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Over $1000

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Under a year

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