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Thank you so much for asking how Layla is feeling. It has been a week since her surgery and every day I see her getting a bit better. Next Thursday she has an appointment with Dr. Schwab to check on her and get her staples out. I think after the staples come out we start a program to get her physically active again. Layla is a great companion and we love her so much and feel so fortunate that we can give her the best of care there is to offer. Healthy Paws helped to make this possible. You know we submitted Layla's paperwork to Healthy Paws on a Saturday evening at around 9 PM. We received the approval for coverage payment from Healthy Paws Sunday, the next evening at around 7 PM. Less than 24 hours! That is truly amazing to us! I appreciate your pet insurance so much. I am telling everyone how great Healthy Paws is and will continue spreading the word. Thank you again for your help and concern.

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torn left rear leg ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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