"Fell between the waiting period"

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I adopted a healthy dog from the shelter. We were told to bring her to the vet the first week we got her, healthy visit. Not covered. Then 3 weeks later she got colitis, not covered. I contacted 24PetWatch twice asking why nothing was covered and this is what I was told."That policy gives coverage for accidents effective the first day of coverage. There are also several illnesses eligible for reimbursement effective the 3rd day of coverage and effective the 31st day, any illness and any accident (as long as it is not pre-existing) would be eligible for reimbursements. The particular claim you submitted was not covered because it fell during the waiting period."
Pointless and a waste of money. So I canceled. No point in getting insurance if you don't cover my dog.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/18/2017
By: Joan O'Brien

Every pet health insurance program has a waiting period for illnesses. 24 Pet Watch is no different than any other company.

Posted: 08/28/2017
By: Erin Carroll

While thats true, not every company offers a deceptive 30 day free trial included in an adoption packet, which these guys do. To a prospective customer it appears to be a good will offer, but since it actually doesnt go into affect after the trial is over, its not a trial of anything. Ends up just being a very questionably form of advertising.