Maxwell Can See Again!

Out of 10

Thanks to Healthy Paws, my furry soulmate was able to get surgery last month that saved his vision. I didn't have to consider for one second how I would pay back the nearly $3500 I had to put on my credit card for surgery, recovery, post op visits and hundreds of dollars in medications due to his retinal detachment. I've already received reimbursement but more, a wonderful email inquiring about my beloved Maxwell's status. The fear of watching them take my baby into surgery still brings tears to my eyes but money never had to weigh into my decision on giving him the best care recommended. I love Healthy Paws and consider it one of my wisest decisions to insure my three fur babies. When the unexpected happens, the last thing you want to do is worry about having to make an impossible choice if you can't afford expensive care. I am grateful I wasn't put in that position.

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Eye problem

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