24PetWatch does NOT have your pet's best interest

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ZERO STARS! I rescued a dog that was chipped and registered to 24PetWatch. Often times, pets don't stay with their original owners (unfortunately, mostly due to stupid excuses). 24PetWatch holds you hostage into paying for their "lifetime" membership fee $75 so you can update your information in case you move. They will not update your information after 365 day's if you move to another house, state etc. It's all about money with them. My vet's office was on hold for over 30 minutes trying to reach someone to change and confirm new ownership. No one ever answered the call from 24PetWatch. I have doubts they are available "24 hours" like they claim if you can't reach anyone on the phone. My vet's office said they have never heard of such horrible business practices and making it difficult to update the ownership registration for a micro-chipped pet. They clearly do not care if they have the correct ownership records or invested in updating their ownership registration records in case the pet gets lost. Further, many people don't have the extra money to pay their fees. No other company does this. Most companies have the animal's best interest and they make it easy for the pet owner. This place sucks!

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microchip change of ownership FEES
Claim Amount
Under $100

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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