Silver Lining to an Unexpected Surgery Expense!

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Unexpectedly, my 1 1/2 year old cat needed hip and knee surgery. I had no idea how he could have so badly injured both areas of his right leg but luckily I had added him to my insurance policy the day I adopted him as a kitten so he was covered by Healthy Paws! I have three dogs and two other cats. The dogs are considerably older than the cats and I expected they would be the first to need surgery on hips/knees/etc.
I was shocked that my healthy, young boy was the first of the six to go under the knife! It was not only heart wrenching to see my young boy in need of a major surgery, it also about stopped my heart to hear the estimate of the surgery. The total came in at $5000, which is a shocking amount to have thrown at you when you're already reeling from hearing about an ACL tear and a dislocated hip. Worse, during surgery, the doctor noticed what could have been cancer in the hip. It was just one tragedy after another for my darling boy. But the silver lining was always Healthy Paws. No matter what medical issue came at us, I knew we were prepared and that I wouldn't have to consider "economic euthanasia" for such a sweet, young cat. (Which is an objective opinion. All the nurses told me what a sweet cat he is :) )

I submitted the claim the day I brought my boy home from surgery. It was incredibly easy. I was actually making dinner while the claim was submitted on the Healthy Paws app. It was a Friday, mid-May 2017. I snapped pictures of the invoices from the diagnostic vet visits and the surgery, uploaded them on the app, and submitted them. They were approved within 48 hours and the next Friday, I had the checks in the mail. After my deductible was taken out of the incurred costs, Healthy Paws reimbursed me for 90% of all other expenses. It sounds like the vet staff at the hospital also could have submitted the claim, so if you do your diagnostic work and surgery at the same place, that may even be easier for you. My regular vet had done the diagnostics and an orthopedic surgeon did the surgery so I submitted the claims myself (and it was still super easy). After the surgery, I found out that my boy is cancer-free, which was such a relief! However, if he had had cancer, my deductible already would have been paid for the year and I would have simply gotten reimbursed for 90% of the treatment costs incurred this year. That is another wonderful aspect of Healthy Paws. The deductible is paid per year instead of per incident

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ACL tear/ hip dysplasia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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