They reduced coverage after our dog got cancer.

Out of 10

Third claim in the past few months for our dogs chemo. They have been paying the claims properly without any issue which is why we have been giving them 10 stars. Our friends keep saying they will find someone to drop us so they won't have to pay future years, depending on how long our little guy makes it. We said PetPlan isn't like this.
A month or two after filing the claims we got a letter saying that all of the sudden PetPlan has changed their insurance provider and thus has to change coverage for everyone. For us for instance, its going to go from 70 or so dollars a month to over a 100 dollars a month. Before it was 100% coverage now it will only be 90%. The deductible will go from 200 to 300 per claim. The only positive increase is coverage goes from 14K per year to 20K per year.

With going from 100 to 90% coverage and increased monthly costs they makes a significant difference, and find it very odd they is happening all of the sudden within a couple months our our claims after having our healthy puppy for over 5 years with them. From what they are saying its affecting everyone and not just us, but since those were the main benefits we chose them over competitors, would recommend people consider other options as well now, since they have lost their edge, and shows that they can change your policy when your dog gets sick.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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