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I am writing to say how grateful we are for Healthy Paws. My husband and I adopted our male cat, Davin when he was estimated to be about 9 years old. He was supposedly in good health except for a lot of missing teeth. We usually adopt older cats and they come with lots of health issues. I had never considered getting pet insurance before because of all the pre-existing conditions older cats have. Davin was different in that he had been given a clean bill of health before we adopted him.
Fast forward 3 years. I could tell it was time to have Davin’s teeth looked at and took him to a veterinary dentist for a consultation. The dentist explained to us that Davin would need his 3 remaining canines taken out as they were swelling up under the gums and could be infected. Two had the tips broken off and at any rate, he said they were painful. Davin’s surgery went very well and he is now a toothless 11 year old man. The two broken canines were a source of possible infection so I sent Healthy Paws the necessary papers from the dentist to Healthy Paws. To our great delight, Healthy Paws sent us a check that will go a long way to paying Davin’s vet bills. I’m very grateful for this because our 15 year old female cat is the next cat to go for dental surgery. She is not insured so we must absorb the full cost of her surgery.

Also, the veterinary dentist we are lucky enough to take our cats to has a remarkable talent for picking up heart anomalies in pets that other vets miss. This was how we discovered our female cat, Beauty, had a heart condition and this is how we learned Davin has borderline severe restrictive cardiomyopthy. Before Davin could undergo dental surgery, he needed to be examined by a veterinarian cardiologist and his echo-cardiogram showed heart disease. Davin will now need to be on three different medications for the rest of his life.

Giving pets great medical care is not an inexpensive endeavor so I am very grateful that Healthy Paws is committed to helping us give Davin the best medical care we can. It has paid off for him and I wish I had it for our Beauty. Davin recovered remarkably well from his dental surgery and now that his offending teeth are out he is eating much better. As an added side benefit, the chronic eye goop Davin had from the day we adopted him has cleared up! We are also hoping that with those offending teeth taken out and the infection they harbored in his body cleared up, his heart will also benefi

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