Healthy Paws cares about our pets as much as we do

Out of 10

Healthy Paws pet insurance is probably one of the best decision I have made for all three of my pups. Healthy Paws has excellent customer service and has always responded to my emails and inquiries with high priority. I am so pleased with our decision to choose Healthy Paws, that I refer all pet owners (even those already with insurance) to Healthy Paws.
This company cares about my pets well being and health, as much as we do.
Although they don't cover wellness exams and other pet parent responsibilities, they have your and your pets best interest at heart.
For 2 of 3 of my pets, Healthy Paws has covered such an amazing amount of our costs, that the insurance policy has essentially paid itself off for the next 6 years. It is incredible.
While I hope to never have to file any claims, I am confident that Healthy Paws will be there for us and our pups, should anything happen.

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