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We first decided on PetPlan after spending a lot of $ on pain meds for yet another kitty passing. I thought to myself, all kitties get sick before they die, why not get some help covering that? I had 2 healthy boy kitties and enrolled them. About a half yr later we discovered that Jaspurr had a double arrhythmia with his heart, quite a serious condition requiring a specialist (shout-out to Animal Ultrasound Clinic in Salem MA!). From the first, filing a claim was super easy, and I've been doing it every few months for medication and checkups ever since. The claim reimbursement information online is helpful and any time I've called, the staff are upbeat, helpful and often punny. Since options changed this year, I called in to discuss altering my plan and the associate I spoke with was again cheerful and extremely helpful, allowing me to do quote after quote until I settled on just the right options for my boys. I recommend PetPlan to anybody and everybody. :)

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Renal (kidney)

heart arrhythmia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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