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Our cat Steve turns 14 this month.(May 2017) Two years ago he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and we tried to treat it with a cream that we would rub into his ears twice daily. The vet finally told me that the cream would not cure him. We bought our PetPlan insurance policy when Steve was about 11 years old. We were told he needed to have the tumors on his thyroid irradiated so we sent him to a specialist for this treatment which PetPlan covered 80%. It was an expensive treatment so we were very grateful! That was the summer of 2016. Then 8 months later we received very sad news! Steve has large cell lymphoma of the intestine. Thankfully, because we have PetPlan his medications are all covered he is doing well! We received his diagnosis on March 17 and he is still with us! Because we are able to afford prednisone and pain medication for him he has had a much better quality of life. We are so grateful for this plan.

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