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We have two dogs -- a French Bulldog and a mini Dachshund. Both are prone to problems and both are middle aged. I had never used pet insurance before but because we live in Manhattan and the vet bills are astronomical we decided to give it a try. WE ARE SOOOOO Glad he did! Wanda Blunderbuss our little bully had a ton of medical problems and last month she had to have bladder surgery (with all the additional medication and ultrasounds and bloodwork etc...) The bill was almost $1,000.00 with rechecks and additional urinary infections and PetPlan came through as always. They promptly assessed the claims and sent us a check to cover a huge portion of all the bills. Our Dachshund also wound up having major surgery for a herniated disc and that required about 6 vet visits. The surgery was 4 hours and meds and anesthesia and all the rest wound up being close to $3,000.00. Petplan came through and I received check after check. They covered a very big portion of the surgery as well as the rechecks and post-op pain medications.
Both my boyfriend and I are so grateful that we discovered this insurance. The main reasons:

1. Petplan is an honest and entirely reputable company that does exactly what it claims.

2. We have saved close to $8,000.00 dollars in veterinary bills in about three years for the two dogs combined.

3. Everyone at PetPlan is AMAZING! This is not a joke. I have never encountered such kind and pleasant and super helpful representatives at any other company. My boyfriend and I are always stunned at what a pleasure it is to work with them. They are patient, respectful, courteous and always do everything they can to ensure you are getting the best possible customer service.

If you are considering a Pet Insurance RUN to sign up for PetPlan! I have told all my friends about them and even people I don't know well. We desperately love our pets and want them to have the best veterinary care. Petplan allows us to chose excellent vets and if one our animals has a problem that wasn't preexisting we can rest assured that Petplan will come to the rescue.

Alexandra & Stephen

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and skin and other infections.
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Over $1000

French Bulldog

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1 - 8

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