Thank goodness for pet insurance!!!!

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Our youngest lab has had idiopathic head tremors since she's been two years old. After she turned six she had a full blown seizure which involved more extensive testing. Nine months later she had a second fullblown seizure at which time they diagnosed her as epileptic and we started her on seizure meds. Her internist noticed slight elevations over the years in her ALT enzyme and recommended a liver biopsy to rule out Copper Toxicity. Her recent pathology from the liver biopsy confirmed she suffers from Copper Associated Hepatopathy. We've started treating her with meds that will hopefully reverse this and possibly her seizures will resolve..
We are hopeful that this may have always been the underlying illness.
Thankfully since we have pet health insurance we don't think twice about
taking our dogs to the vet for treatment and in this case we have hopefully given her the chance to live a full long life!!!!
We love our dogs soooo much!!!!!

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Copper Hepatopathy (toxicity)
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Labrador Retriever

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