A Life Threatening Diagnosis

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The day before Thanksgiving my husband noticed a small mass on Ruby's back. He took her to our local veterinary hospital and within a couple of weeks, as the mass grew quickly, she had surgery that also required removal of some bone and muscle. Ruby recovered and radiology was recommended as the likelihood of the growth reoccurring was 50-75% given the surgeon couldn't go any deeper without jeopardizing Ruby's ability to walk. Our only choice at the time was to ship her out of state for treatment spanning 4 weeks so we waited for equipment to be installed in our local hospital. The mass reoccurred in less than 3 months and was again removed, but this time as soon as she healed we were able to start an aggressive radiation regiment to kill all the microscopic cells. We are thrilled that Ruby came through beautifully and now has only a 5-10% chance of reoccurrence over the next 5 years. In speaking to our Radiologist he shared that their hospital network was also moving to PetPlan as it was the best option they found. We are grateful for the experts and great care at our veterinary hospital and so glad we had PetPlan to help us deal with over $16,000 of hospital bills. Each time a claim was submitted we got a prompt turn-around and any questions I had were answered quickly. Thank you for your compassion and assistance at a difficult time for our family, we will continue to use PetPlan for our pets and recommend you to everyone.

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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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