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From the moment I brought Charles home, I knew I would do anything to keep him healthy and hiking and running and jumping and swimming so I signed Charles up right away. Charley is a very active frenchie, and as many know, these guys are pretty prone to a variety of issues. Luckily he was super healthy when I brought him home, BUT before I knew it, I needed Healthy Paws. I researched several pet insurance companies and found Healthy Paws to be the best out there.
Charley turns 4 in a few days and has has a whole host of crazy things happen to him where I've needed and not needed the insurance. A lot of these incidents involved a vet visit, meds, and follow ups. This little man has had multiple foxtails removed from his ears, he's been stung in the face by bees, sprained his ankle, eaten acne medicine, eaten a pound of brown sugar, swallowed a ham bone, had a growth removed from his jaw, ate a loofa (yea - you read that right), and most recently and most scary - - he's had major back surgery because of the degenerative discs in his back.

Healthy Paws has had my back (and Charley's) through it all. They have helped me to cover tens of thousands of dollars in vet bills, medications, recoveries, and more in his little lifetime. As you have read, Charles is pretty accident prone and I'm SO grateful I have HP by our side. I chose the plan that covers 90% of the eligible line items (just "exams" are not covered) and cannot be happier. The most amazing part of this whole story is the fact that they wrote me an email to check on Charley after his surgery. AN INSURANCE COMPANY CALLED TO CHECK ON THEIR CLIENT. I cried. I literally sat in front of my email and cried. I had been going through so much with this little guy and their compassion and thoughtfulness really beamed through at this moment.

I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much to the HP team.

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Back surgery among so many other things
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