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BUYER BEWARE: I signed up with Trupanion in 2013 after my dog had to have spinal surgery. Due to the cost of the surgery and rehab I wanted protection in case this happened again. Trupanion knew of the previous spinal surgery when they signed me up, assuring me that if my dog needed spinal surgery again in the future she would be covered. In April of 2017 a Veterenarian was doing a routine exam on my dog and injured her back. I took my dog to the spinal Dr to have her checked out since she was in discomfort. Mind you this is the 1st back problem my dog has had since the surgery in 2013. When I submitted the paperwork to Trupanion I was denied coverage because it is considered a pre-existing condition. I argued the point that she was injured by a person and this is an acute situation not a pre-existing. Still they denied my claim citing the 2013 surgery, so basically I have been paying for 4 years for nothing and never had coverage for the one thing I was trying to protect myself from. If you google pet insurance Trupanian is not even in the top 10. My suggestion would be to run from these people, cancel your policies immediately and go with some one else.

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spinal checkup
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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