Thank goodness for PetPlan!

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One of my cats has been quite ill lately, with a greatly enlarged pancreas (inflamed), which was pressing on his liver to the extent that blood tests suggested a very bad liver problem. Over a number of days, he had extensive blood tests, an ultrasound (which showed a completely normal liver but hugely enlarged pancreas), many medications, and for the last few days, hospitalization each day. The vet has me take him home overnight because I can usually coax him to eat something. He is in the hospital again today. Yesterday the liver enzymes were looking a bit better, so we hope he is on the mend, but it is going to be slow. I am so glad that I don't have to worry about the expense. PetPlan has always been quick to pay claims, and I have no reason to believe this will be any different.
As some others have mentioned, I am disappointed in the recent rate increases, when PetPlan changed underwriters. It would have been easier to take if I had been offered a choice (higher premium in order to keep the same co-pay, for instance), but I wasn't. I also contacted customer service (by email) about this and never got an answer, which was not the way I expect PetPlan to treat customers. Nevertheless, I am glad I have this insurance. I can get the treatment the cat needs without worrying overmuch about the expense.

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