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We got health insurance for our golden retriever puppy thinking it was a precaution for down the line. His plan started in February, and we pay $43 a month. In April, we notice he has a slight limp. Per vet's instructions, we have him take it easy (no long walks, rough play, stairs, etc.) to make sure it's just a sprain. Well, turns out it was more than just a strain. With our first $400 X-ray, we met our $250 deductible. I filed the claim (easy, just take a picture with your phone and upload to the app) and it was approved in under 3 days. We received a check in the mail soon after. THEN, though, the X-ray results came back and showed that our sweet 7-month-old puppy had elbow dysplasia in his right and left leg. Our vet recommended surgery ASAP, so as to reduce the damage of the FCP (x2) and OCD lesion and prevent him from suffering from debilitating arthritis at a very young age. We took him to a specialist, who agreed he needed the surgery in order to live as happy and normal of a life as possible. The surgery was going to cost $4,100 (!) which for us, is a LOT. We were glad we had pet insurance and hopeful they would cover it, but we'd heard all kinds of stories about people getting turned down for nonsense reasons and companies making excuses not to cover things. Our pup had his surgery May 2, and I (nervously) filed our claim the next day. Two days after that, it was approved -- covered in full, and we were sent a reimbursement check for 80% in the mail. Healthy Paws even followed up to ask how our dog was doing. I can't even tell you how thankful I am we got insurance from Healthy Paws. This would have been a huge financial setback for us, but thanks to our coverage, it was a manageable expense.

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Elbow Dyplasia (both sides)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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