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I have been wholeheartedly impressed with both the customer service and insurance coverage I've received as a Healthy Paws pet parent. We adopted an 8-week old puppy and signed him up for insurance with Healthy Paws the day we brought him home, and what good fortune it was that we did. Three weeks after we brought Wilbur home, he came down with kennel cough, which rapidly progressed to pneumonia. Our poor little guy was transferred from our regular vet's office to a 24-hour emergency clinic, where he spent two full days on oxygen and IV antibiotics before he was discharged to come home. The original estimate from the clinic had us looking at a $7000+ bill. Fortunately, our pup's recovery went much more quickly, so while our actual bill was much lower than that, we never had to make ANY decisions about his care based on the bottom line. Because we knew he was covered by Healthy Paws, we were able to make every decision about our puppy's care based on what was best for him and his recovery.
When I submitted our invoices from both our regular vet and the emergency clinic to Healthy Paws, I received responses within 24 hours, notifying me that our claim had been approved and they would be sending me a reimbursement check. I was blown away by the quick response time.

And in addition to all of this, I have received several personal emails from the Healthy Paws team asking about hour our little guy is doing, and wishing him a full and fast recovery. It's a little thing in the big picture, but I honestly have nothing but praise for Healthy Paws and how they have cared for me and my pup's health.

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