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Very unsatisfied with the responses to submitted claims. Everything we submit request additional information or medical records. Everything is on a medical receipt and includes an itemized receipt. We have no "additional" medical information, as Hitchcock is a rescue dog that we adopted in October 2016. Each and every bit of medical records we have have been submitted to you.
We are seriously reevaluating whether the cost of this insurance is worth the cost. They sell themselves to us, then all we get for our money are more requests for more information. Trust me, we do not hold back any information and if the expenses come from our vets office and are itemized, they are legit. My husband and I both work at major teaching institutions and you can trust that we have discussed this issue with many colleagues who agree that our experience has been very negative.

We have carried Nationwide Pet Insurance for several years. We are not happy with the constant review of each and every charges and the constant request for additional information. You do not feel as if a partner in the care of our family pet, but an adversary. Our claims are thorough and complete and all requests have been met with information, yet we are still barraged with additional requests.

Thank you for your time. We do hope that this situation is remedied in the very near future. If not, we may be partnering with someone else that does not make us feel as adversarial.

At this point we would not recommend Nationwide Pet Insurance services and will share that opinion at every opportunity.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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