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Don't get VPI FOR SURE!!!! We had a German Shepherd who was 100% healthy when we got her as a puppy....put her on the highest plan possible and 4 months later ended up getting her fixed. The day after the surgery she all the sudden stopped urinating and was severely blocked in the bladder, moving up into the kidneys. Took her back to the vet, of course, /'f they sent us straight down to GCVS (a specialty hospital that people from all over the US come to for disease, cancer, etc). Luckily it's 45 min from our home, but talk about expensive!!!! Her first 4 days in the hospital cost $4500...including another surgery to relieve blockage. All 3 specialists said that it was NOT caused from the surgery and is so rare that would be normal to be undetected until it actually hit the point she was at. But VPI claimed it was "pre-existing" and wouldn't cover even a single penny! Even after submitting proof of tests and testimonials from all specialtists saying it was not pre-existing...still, not one penny! At this point it was too late to change insurance companies bcuz then it really would be pre-existing. Therefore...after 6 yrs of medical treatment and many hospital stays and surgeries, we've spent over $30,0000 on our dog. Would do it again and again in a heartbeat bcuz she's one of the family BUT ridiculous that we had insurance company that wouldn't lift a finger to help. At all. Never has. By the way VPI...if not being able to urinate was considered pre-existing, common sense has it that she wouldn't have lived. Really?? Didn't know a dog could go 4 months (from the time we signed up with VPI) without peeing...ridiculous excuse if u ask ME! Sadly, we lost our Dakota 3 months ago after battling this rare disease! She died of kidney failure...which the vet agrees they could've possibly found a cure if insurance would've helped and instead used the money out of pocket to use towards research and exotic meds to try. Hmmmm. Prettt sad if u ask me. So now we just got another new puppy (Bentley) who is a 2 month old German Shepherd as well...and as I search for new plans and ask vets for recommendations, almost 100% of them have referred me TO Healthy Paws Insurance... so wish me Luck this time. And I sure hope Bentley is in good hands with them bcuz Poor Dakota was certainly NOT by using VPI. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 05/04/2017

I am hoping that this comment will get to the writer. I am SO sorry for your loss. That is so sad. We also have a two year old Olde English Buldogge that I named Bentley. I have Pet Plan insurance but I am also thinking of just putting money away each pay check into my savings account that earns a little over 1%. Again, SO sorry for your loss.