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When I lost my Yorkie a few years ago to a respiratory problem that racked up unbelievable vet bills, I decided to get pet insurance. I signed my next Yorkie up for insurance through another company and they were just terrible. I changed to Pet Plan and have been very satisfied! Rafferty became very ill in August of 2014 and had gastrointestinal problems on and off throughout the month and in September had Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis twice in a two week period. After ultrasound tests and the ACTH test he was diagnosed with Atypical Addison's disease. His bill over those weeks in the regular vet and specialty vet was $2400. Pet Plan paid $2000 of that bill! It is comforting to know that if someting bad happens to your beloved companion, that Pet Plan is there to help ease the financial burden. The pay the claim in a prompt manner, keep in touch that your claim is being processed and always professional on the phone. I recommend this insurance to everyone! I have Rafferty, a Yorkie, Leilani, a Yorkie and my youngest, a Papillon, Robbie, all covered with Pet Plan. They also have covered Leilani's vet bill for teeth removal and a bout of gastritis.

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Addison's & HGE
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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