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Murphy came to us from Coventry, England four years ago next April. He was chosen because our last setter was a descendant of the same family. From the onset, our little bundle of joy had health issues. It is thought he either was injured on the journey across the pond, perhaps his crate wasn't properly attached to the floor or maybe loading or unloading the crate was dropped with him inside causing a head injury that can't be seen. Whatever the cause, there is a little glitch in his brain now that causes focal seizures. Imagine seeing things flying towards you and you can't get away from them. As a human, you would be able to understand what was happening, as a dog, you tremble in fear and try to run away from what you are seeing. For all of Murphy's life we've worked with various veterinarians and even an animal nuerosurgeon. Thanks to Petplan we've been able to get Murphy the treatment he needs to live a fairly normal doggie life.

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Focal Seizures
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Irish Setter

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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