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I've had very good experiences with Healthy Paws. I've had two 'catastrophic' events with my pet, and Healthy Paws helped make both situations much less stressful. They were very responsive, and the front end stuff (paperwork, etc.) was minimal. One caveat: My pet came to me from the shelter with different insurance. I'm not sure I would have changed away from that insurance if I knew that the viral respiratory condition he was diagnosed with while under the initial insurance would then be considered a preexisting condition by Healthy Paws. My pet gets a lot of colds that are not covered because it turns out the preexisting viral infection makes him more prone to them (I did not know this at the time I switched insurance companies). But aside from this one difficulty, I've had a flawless experience with Healthy Paws. Especially with my latest claim, that involved very expensive emergency surgery - for which I was absolutely not financially prepared. In a nutshell: Friendly. Easy. Quick.

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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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