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I have tried all the carriers including VPI, Pet Plan, Pet's Best and then finally I found the BEST in ASPCA Pet Insurance. All of the others covered very little but had consistently high premiums for my now almost 13 year old Purebred Yorkshire Terrier. I have their Level 4 with Adv Wellness protection that I started when he as about to turn 10. One incredible aspect is that they will insure dogs over 10 years old out of the gate. I am so grateful I changed insurers and would never leave ASPCA. Sammy got pancreatitis in February from eating cheap store bought Beneful. I had just gotten out of the hospital myself and he was throwing up everything he ate. I was so scared that I would lose him. I am in a wheelchair and he has been with me since an accident in 2002. He was hospitalized for 2.5 days. Since I am also a Care Credit Card Holder I did not have to worry about making a financial decision to take care of him. No matter the cost. He was well in about 2 weeks and now I make all of his food myself. He is happy, healthy and when I received the reimbursement for his $3500 bill I was ecstatic. ASPCA paid 90% of the charges. I love my ASPCA insurance and my Care Credit Card!! I highly recommend you ignore the rest and check out ASPCA esp if you have an older animal. The customer service is superb, premium options are flexible and claim reimbursement is fast.

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Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

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Over 8 years

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