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Recently posted this on my Facebook Page: Love being with Just got notified my claim for Luna's stitches got processed...only 1.5 week turn around & they are going to direct deposit in my account! Getting $104.74 back off of the $187.74 bill...would have been more, but we hadn't met the $100 deductible for the year yet. Crazy awesome customer service any time I've had to call and they give a multi-pet discount. Been with them for over 10 yrs back when they were the only pet insurer I could find...there's more out there now, but I haven't seen anything to entice me away from this company! UPDATE since post: The next day Hartville called us to make sure Luna was doing well & to let me know my claim was processed. They really have customer service down! Their website is recently updated where I can submit & view progress of my claim online! LOVE it! Thank you! Thank you!

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accidental gash under eye from rough play
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Chow Chow

Age of Pet
Under a year

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