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I had a policy before, they canceled it without telling me, so I had to sign up for a new one for my cat.
I called to ask about the claims I put in, she said his diabetes was a pre-existing condition so it wasn't covered.

"...but it's new. We literally just found out about it. How is that pre-existing?"

"Because you're in the 14 day holding period, anything new is considered pre-existing."

"Okay well it's not really a new policy since you canceled it with no notice. I got no email or phone call or anything. "

"And then you signed up for a new policy."

"....because I wanted to continue coverage for my cat? "

"But the previous account was not reinstated in 30 days."

".....because I had no idea it was closed. I-- you know what? Close my account and cancel the policy, please."

"Do you want to leave it open in case something else happens?"

"No, I'm sure you guys will find a reason to deny any claim I put in."

So I got a refund and right now I'm just livid. The policy said he was covered 24 hours after I signed up.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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