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The coverage seems fair, and competitive with other plans.
But, buyer beware, they only accept automatic deduction payments from your checking account or from a credit card, and they offer NO way to change the date of the auto-deduct. If you call Customer Service (even with plenty of time ahead of your payment date), they will advise that the day of the month that you started your policy will forever be your auto-deduct date. NO exceptions, and there is NO way to request another date instead. So, if your auto-deduct is on the 3rd of the month, and that is hard for you to manage with rent, etc., there is no way to request the auto-deduct at a different time in the month.

Currently, I feel TRAPPED. I explained that due to a medical emergency, my funds were a little low, but with my next paycheck, I can easily cover the premium amount. All I asked for was a 2-day delay of payment. I was told this is impossible.

That does not convey good customer service to me, and may be something you want to consider when comparing plans.

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Posted: 10/07/2015

Thank you for sharing your experience Elizabeth. I hear you and understand how this is a big problem for your situation. We are developing ways to allow you to pick the day your coverage starts more easily but I know that doesn't help you now. I'll see what we can do in your particular situation. Email me at (just say to forward the email to Laura Bennett) and I'll look into it for you.