100% worth having my pet insured!

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I hesitate, like everyone else, about having my indoor cats insured. Is it worth it? Will I ever need it and if I do will insurance even cover? The answer to all those is yes! My cat ate a chewable pill meant for my dog. I turned around for a second and apparently it tasted good because it was immediately gone. I called the vet because I knew dosage had to be far beyond the dose for a much smaller animal. Sure enough, she had to be hospitalized for two days to flush it out. I was in a panic and thank goodness she ended up being okay. I called Trupanion and filed a claim. The associates were very friendly. I sent over the paperwork and the next day I received an email with details on the check I would be receiving. They paid 90%. I started her as a kitten so had a zero deductible. Compared to any human insurance I've dealt with this was so smooth. I was so happy I ended up insuring her..and so glad she is okay. No more chewable pills, just the gross ones they'll never touch unless we put it in a pill pocket...lesson learned.

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Claim Amount
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Age of Pet
1 - 8

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