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The wellness plans at Banfield are a total rip off. They state in the brochure that anesthesia and radio-graphs will be covered in your plan. This is totally misleading and false advertising. Anesthesia is only covered for "preventative" surgeries which according to them ONLY includes dental cleaning. You will be responsible to cover to cost of any other anesthesia which runs around $400. You also only receive 1 radio-graph test per year. Having a senior dog I decided to go with the most expensive plan ($40 per month) they had available thinking most things would be covered. This was a bad idea. I'm now out $480 plus the cost of my dogs surgery. Also, they do not provide overnight hospitalization after surgery so you are responsible for picking your pet up and taking it to an all night ER to be taken care of which costs from $300-500 for one night. Then the next morning you have to bring your pet back to Banfield to be reexamined and possibly stay for observation for the remainder of the day. And of course this costs more money. I have canceled my plan and will not be going back to Banfield again.

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Renal (kidney)

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Over $1000

American Bulldog

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