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As an animal control officer, we routinely find lost pets and pets turned in by various people. Out in the field, we scan for the chips in the pets. If the chip comes back to 24-Hour Pet Watch data base, we immediately drop the call and impound the pet: no waiting, no hesitations.
There is a reason for this: 24 Hour Pet Watch has egregiously poor response service with wait-holds commonly in the range of 12-24 minutes. Officers cannot be held up in the field for that long standing and waiting for 24-Hour Pet Watch to give the information to the officer. Accordingly, when they finally come on line, by policy, they do not give the officer the information until they first contact the owner and then they give the information to the officer: #### yet another delay ####. What does all this mean because of 24-Hour Pet Watches poor service? (1) the owner will have to pay an impound fee for the animal which can be a minimum of $60-$100 instead of the giving the officer the information in a reasonable amount of time. (2) the owner will likely have to pay for a citation or two, depending on the violations) and take time out of their day for court...yet more time and money into the hundreds of dollars.

24-Hour Pet Watch, accordingly, is does NOT provide reasonable service to their customers, which, again, recoils to needless costs incurred by the pet owner. In brief, if 24-Hour Pet Watch chip information cannot be reasonably supplied in normal amount of time (as so many many other chip companies provide), then the ACO will not waste his or her time waiting for them resulting in a negative consequence for the pet owner: (1) the dog will not be returned to the owner from the field; (2) the dog will be made subject to the risks of contagious diseases when it is impounded at the animal shelters; (3) the owner will likely be charged when he or she come to the shelter to retrieve the pet at the rate of hundreds of dollars: impound fees, citations, court, time off from work.

I strongly advise pet owner to reassign their chips to a different chip data based. Save money, help the pet, and get better service.

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Posted: 02/10/2016

I'd love to reassign my dogs chips to another company but they will not allow it, no other company has been willing to take the chip on & my vet can't replace the chip unless it falls out. Do you have any suggestions? I am so frustrated with 24PetWatch!

Posted: 06/02/2017

Thank you for this information. I plan to reassign this weekend (if I can figure out how!)