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I have to say that I'm absolutely amazed at the level of service I received from Healthy Paws.
It has made our lives SO much easier knowing that our pets are covered with insurance. It's not only the insurance that gives us peace of mind, it's the ease of filing claims (take a photo and submit through an app - couldn't be easier), the genuine care and concern from all of the Customer Service representatives I've spoken with and the speed at which claims are processed. I wish my health insurance company cared as much as they do!

We have three dogs and I wish I had signed up for Healthy Paws years ago. My youngest dog recently tore both her cruciate ligaments, requiring surgery on both her legs. We had the surgery done on a Thursday. By Friday they had already processed the claim and submitted payment.
It's stressful enough having to deal with an injured pet, but having 90% of $16,000 vet bills covered allowed us to focus on our dog and not the cost of the surgery.
Additionally they followed up with an email a week after the surgery asking if she was ok.

I highly recommend Healthy Paws to anyone considering Pet Insurance.

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Surgery - Cruciate Ligament
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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