Why Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Is The Best.

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my wife and i love our pups.
we feel they should get the same care as we would give ourselves because they give us everything they've got. the give us their lives.

not having had dogs growing up i realized i should start an emergency bank account fund for them in case one of them got sick. so i did that but little did i know how expensive quality vet care would be.

2013 - our pup teen needed spinal cord surgery. he is a teeny chihuahua and this was definitely a specialized surgery. our emergency vet (VMSG in ventura, california who i can't recommend high enough) saved his life. the total was $13,000. no worries. i have that emergency account and when would such an expensive surgery happen again?

2014 - our pup aud was diagnosed with stomach cancer. VMSG removed the tumor but it came back about 3 months later. she would soon end her battle with cancer in september but what we got was three entire months with our dearest girl. the total was $12,000.

2015 - teen was doing well but was too old to be insured but our other pup greta, a redbone coonhound, was still young enough. so we researched and picked healthy paws and boy am i glad we did. healthy paws is the ONLY pet insurance without a cap. meaning if your animal gets cancer or another expensive illness all you are responsible for is your annual deductible and then whatever amount your particular policy is set at. greta's is at 30% for us and 70% for healthy paws. the only reason i can think of someone picking a different pet insurance is because they don't realize how expensive emergency care can be.

healthy paws won't cover:
pre-existing conditions (no other pet insurance will either)
standard vet and dental cleanings (which aren't as expensive as emergency surgery)

and that's pretty much it.

about 2 weeks ago we came home and greta got bloat.
bloat can kill a dog in 8 minutes and our drive to VMSG is 20 minutes.
it is a miracle but little greta made it there and VMSG not only was able to save her life but also diagnosed her with a mass on her spleen as was a paralyzed larynx.
in fact if she hadn't bloated we would never have known about the spleen or larynx.

the total cost for her surgeries was just over $11,000.

but this time i had healthy paws. i was nervous because i didn't know if this insurance would do as it promised. i know that i personally have blue shield of california and it definitely doesn't do as it promises.

but healthy paws did!

they paid over $7,

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larynx, mass on spleen, bloating
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Redbone Coonhound

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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