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I signed up for the Wellness Plan for my four dogs. They tell me services are covered under the plan. I had to pay out of pocket every time I took my dogs to the vet. I called and canceled the plan today. They applied the remaining balance on the plan to my credit card. Here are some things I did not like about Banfield: 1. I was not allowed to go back with my pets when they had their shots. 2. When Titan, my boxer, hurt his leg, I took him in to the vet. My regular vet at Banfield wasn't in the office. I said that was fine he needs to be seen. They took him back without me to do X-rays on his leg. He tried to bite them. Of course he did. He felt threatened and did not know them. I okayed the sedation to get his X-rays done. Then the vet tells me it looks like he's okay and won't need surgery. Then he calls me back to tell me he's gonna need surgery for his partial ACL tear. The vet proceeded to try to bully me into scheduling him with an orthopedic surgeon. I said no thank you. Two weeks after that Titan was walking around with no problem. So if he has an ACL tear it must not be that severe. 3. The wellness plan does not save me money. I pay more per year than I would if I just took my dogs to a different vet twice a year. The woman on the phone with the wellness plans wanted to argue with me about how I'm saving money. No I am not. 4. I hate their policy of dropping your pets off all day for a checkup. I understand dropping them off off surgery. That's completely different. I want to be present when my pets are awake and being poked and prodded by people they don't even know. I have never had a vet that didn't allow you to be present for their regular checkups. I wish I would not have gone to Banfield. I could have saved money and stress by using a different local vet.

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