Pet Plan is the Peace of Mind Plan

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We were encouraged to buy a premium when we adopted our Lab from Labs4rescue. We scoffed at the idea since we had never done so for previous pets. As it turns out, it was useful advice. Recently, our dog had a front leg amputation due to bone cancer. This surgery (about $5,000) is being followed up by six doses of chemo therapy (about $670 each). Pet Plan is providing coverage in a timely manner. I was just informed by the Pet Plan rep that a check was just mailed out for 80% of the cost of the surgery.
Our dog is happy and free from pain. Dogs, unlike most humans are like golfers: they play the ball from where it lies. He is getting used to being a three-legged dog and it doesn't seem to dampen his spirit at all. For many people the burden of such expensive procedures would have them putting their dog down. Red Hook dog rescue is raising funds right now for a dog that was given up to a shelter to be euthanized because the owners could not afford chemo therapy to treat his mast cell tumor. I made a donation to Max's treatments as away of paying forward the good fortune that Pet Plan has mad possible for us.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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