Thru the darkness, Sunshine

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Thru the darkness, Sunshine, is so appropriate. My Sunshine is a 10year old female Chow Chow. She is the sweetest, most loving pet I have ever had and there are no words to describe the joy she brings me. I love her unconditionally and that is the crux of my story. Sunshine has face numerous health issues over the years but none has been more perplexing than her gastro intestinal disorder and esophageal paralysis. They have combined to make her life a challenge. Since the onset of her latest medical issues, the cost associated to its management has been very high, at least $15-20,000 over the last three years and counting for hospital stays, medical test, medicines, you name it.
Having Petplan as a partner thru this trying time has been a God sent. I have no idea how I would have managed to handle the expenses associated to her illness, if I didn't have continuing financial and moral support from this company. The stark reality is that there would have been no answer and worse, the possible loss of my Sunshine.
Sunshine's medical issues will never go away. All we can hope for is it's management. So we will experience continuing bouts with aspiration pneumonia, weight maintenance, regurgitation and gagging, etc. but the possibility of finding better treatment protocols exist and the very fact that she is here with me and comfortable by in large, is a testament to Petplan, which provided me the financial resources to have the choice that I have had. I can't say enough about the importance of pet insurance but more importantly is the company that insures our pet family and Petplan exemplifies the best in its service and dedication to the wellness of our pets.
As a parent and grandparent, nothing is more important than their wellbeing. But if you are a parent to a pet, they depend soley on us for the choices we make on their behalf. I count my lucky stars that I made the decision to secure health insurance on behalf of Sunshine but more important was going with Petplan in 2008. I have never regretted that decision and would recommend this company to anyone who sought my advice.

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gastro intestinal disorder and esophageal paralysis
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