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My dog had broken her toenail. I felt she needed to be seen. I noticed there is a Banfield that just opened nearbymymy house. Although,I am used to The Veterinarians at my original location, they have seen my dog for this in the past. I walked in the door with my dog The staff greeted me (friendly manner) My dog was seen for a broken toe nail. After seeing my dog, the vet says she could not stop the bleeding and I need to take her to Alameda East emergency room. She was scaring me the way she kept talking to me. Although, I have never encountered this in the past, I trusted her judgment. After waiting for a long time at Alameda East A veterinarian looked a my dog and told me there was nothing they needed to do. There was no bleeding she was ok. They put a new bandade around her paw. I was billed for a rebandage of 40.00 plus dollars and a emergency visit fee. The next day I got a call from banfield asking for payment-bandage and how my dog was doing? I was just frustrated to have to relive and tell them the details. They apologized. I asked if they could waive the bandage fee? The person on the phone said they would waive half of it. I just didn't even care at this point. Then she began to talk to me about the visit. and for some reason changed her mind and said she would waive the fee. I pay 2 wellness plans monthly. Now the last few months I have additional out of pocket veterinarian costs. I contacted Banfield customer support to tell them I could not make my monthly payment this month I have to reschedule The agent on the phone says he could only do this once in a calendar year. My payment was moved to a later date. This was a difficult situation. While they expressed they were sorry. They did not have to pay for the visit. I had to ask them to waive a bandage fee. This was not in my budget.

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broken toe nail
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$100 - $500


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1 - 8

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