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My 2 pets were chipped through this company, they are 4 yrs old now and I have to update the information. Tried to log on and could not. Called the main number and asked how to get on my account. They told me " your account is frozen since you have not paid the annual fee". So then I ask well if my cat was found what would happen, " since the account it frozen we would not give out the information or we would not contact you". So the last 3 years have been POINTLESS to have this chip.

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Under $100

Domestic Shorthair

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1 - 8

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Posted: 12/21/2015

I just ran into the same problem. I thought my dog's microchip was a lifetime thing, but now they say I have to pay a lifetime fee. No only that, they charge me for the lifetime fee for my cat, and I didn't want it just yet! too bad the microchip was done by rescue shelters. I would not have chosen them.