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I have had Petplan for over 7 years now and have been very happy with them. They are expensive at first glance, but if you shop around, and when you compare apples to apples, their coverage is worth the upfront costs. I most recently needed to use the insurance for surgery of a torn ligament in my dogs knee. This surgery was very expensive, but was covered completely with my plan (minus the $100 deductible). Additionally, I found the customer service reps I worked with courteous and extremely helpful, in particular Justin W. He took care of me from the beginning and followed up with me like a true pro. I highly recommend Petplan.

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Torn CCL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 02/13/2016

Was your dog's knee the first knee that had a torn ccl? My puppy may have torn his and Petplan doesn't cover pre-existing conditions so wouldn't be able to cover this surgery unless it happened to the second knee.