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Our 4 month old Golden Doodle "Chompx" suffered kidney failure. He was hospitalized in ICU for 2 weeks before being transferred to UF for dialysis. The bill was approximately $18k. Within hours of his discharge from the first hospital I had an email from Healthy Paws closing out the claim and confirming that a check for 90% - our deductible was on the way. Throughout this process, HP has checked in on Chompx, and shown genuine concern for our little man. When we were first told he was to be hospitalized, HP offered support and told us just to focus on Chompx. That was such a relief. I expected there would be issues with reimbursement, that seems to be the issue with all insurance companies.. there was no issue, no fuss, no drama. I had the reimbursement check within days! Afterwards, they emailed to check on Chompx as well. Throughout this nightmare, they have shown genuine concern for Chompx and they have taken the biggest burden off our minds as we focus on Chompx's recovery. Simple, flawless, expedited reimbursement for your pet's medical needs. Finally a pet insurance that actually does what it says. I've never had a dog with any serious medical issue such as this, I never thought I'd need this, but I am so glad we had it. I will never risk being without Healthy Paws pet insurance again, because no matter how careful you are, anything can happen. Throughout this journey with Chompx, we have seen countless owners forced into making a very painful decision based on finances alone. It's been heartbreaking to see that time after time, as our nightmare is ongoing (more than a month). Whatever happens with Chompx, we know that we've been fortunate to provide him absolutely every possible chance for a full recovery and without Healthy Paws, he would not have had that luxury. Healthy Paws has been and continues to be the only silver lining in our nightmare.

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Renal (kidney)

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