Lulu's Life is Saved Because of PetPlan

Out of 10

Lulu is a rescue reject three times and was adopted to me with a terrible name so I changed it. He had never been anything but a happy bigger boy! So when I got insurance for him with the AARP plan and PetPlan, I never thought I was going to ever use it but I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and this was a step towards helping me cope. Little did I know that Lulu was going to be sick for 35 days and keep on fighting. 8 vets have met Lulu in his 24 hour care days and all have told me this boy wants to live but his chances are dire. Thanks to PetPlan, he is still alive.
I have told over 20 people about PetPlan, written reviews, and love my dogs each night. See Diva also has insurance and PetPlan saved her as well. I would suggest you turn in your history and get it received before your first claim so you can relax knowing you have done your part.

Best overall care was rendered because PetPlan let me chose my own vets and make decisions that only owners can make.

To date, Lulu is eating and drinking on his own. He has fluid drained but we believe that will slowly resolve over time. We want the pancreatitis resolved.
Thank you PetPlan for saving Lulu's life. I could not have done this without your caring and insurance. Now my vets all want to put brochures in their waiting room and I want to put them in mine and I am not even a vet!!
Thanks again,
Dr. Murphree

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