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We adopted our pup, Riley, in January of 2014 at 8 weeks old. She's a mixed breed (we think she is a Beagle / Lab mix) weighing in around 45 lbs, and loves to eat. We signed up for Healthy Paws as soon as we adopted her, and since the beginning they have been amazing at processing our claims with no fuss. She went through the usual issues (diarrhea, kennel cough, UTI's, etc...) nothing major, and we were very satisfied with their service and response time (always less than two weeks, typically around one, never any debate on whether charges were covered or not). However, at the beginning of August Riley suddenly stopped eating her food, became very lethargic and we knew right away that something was very wrong. Even with the worst spouts of diarrhea - she would eat everything in site. We rushed her into the vet before work, they did some x-rays, and with the results being inconclusive, decided to hold her at the Vet and have an ultrasound done. We received a call around 5 pm that there was definitely a blockage between her stomach and small intestines, and due to the sensitivity of the location the blockage was in - we needed to really go into surgery that night at an emergency facility. Long story short - Riley went through the surgery without any complications on Thursday night. We were able to pick her up Saturday morning, and $6,891.54 later, we got our baby back. As soon as we got the bill (Saturday AM) - we used their mobile application to submit the bill through my iPhone, no forms, no prior authorizations, no hoops to jump through, just a picture of each page of the invoice and pressed submit. By 11am THAT Monday, two days later, I received an email that the claim was processed with an EOB link: $6,202.39 paid! By Thursday of the same week, I had a check in my hand. Unreal processing time! In a time of such agony and fear that something could have happened to our baby, they gave us one less thing to worry about. They helped us avoid turning her medical matter into a fiscal matter, which really let us focus on what was most important for Riley. About a week after all was said and done, they even reached out to us to see how Riley was recovering. Thank you Healthy Paws!

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