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With my previous dog, I had VPI insurance, and was extremely dissatisfied with it. The reimbursements were arbitrary and pitifully small, and the rate increases after she had several claims were enormous. So, I dropped the insurance when she was about 3 years old, and paid out of pocket for her rest of her life.
With my current dog, I’ve signed up with Embrace pet insurance, and so far I’m very pleased. The reimbursements are totally predictable (you choose the percent of the bill to be paid, based on your premium level and annual deductible), and they promise not to increase rates based on any claims that you make. That doesn’t mean rates won’t ever increase… they do allow for increases based on age of the dog and inflation… but it does mean that if my dog has 3 claims in a year, her premium rate won’t double or triple at the next renewal, like they did with VPI. So far I’m very happy with Embrace, and anticipate staying with them for the life of my dog.

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only Wellness claims so far
Claim Amount
Under $100

German Shepherd

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1 - 8

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